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Město Kravaře
město plné života


The mayor of the town council is Mgr. Monika Brzesková. The mayor is responsible for all actions of the council (which also represents the villages adjacent to Kravare) who are responsible for the achievements of his work to the town municipal council.

The mayor is Mgr. Monika Brzesková

Burmistrzowa miasta - Mgr. Monika Brzesková Mgr. Monika Brzesková
The mayor
tel.: +420 553 777 910
e-mail: starostka@kravare.cz

The deputy mayor is Martin Schwarz

Zastępca burmistrza miasta - Ing. Andreas Hahn Martin Schwarz
The deputy mayor
tel.: +420 553 777 909
email: mistostarosta@kravare.cz

The town council is situated in two buildings:

A key building of the town council Kravare is at 405/43 Namesti Street. Located there are:

  • Representatives of the town
  • The secretary of the town council
  • The mayor’s office:
  • Secretariat of mayor, deputy mayor and secretary
  • Sector of info-centre and propagation of the town Kravare
  • The secretary’s office:
  • Division of cash desk
  • IT department
  • Department of finance
  • Department of local economics and investments construction
  • Counter of communal services and authorities COV
  • Department of inside matters and public trading council:
  • Counter of public trading council
  • Department of constructions, town planning and living environment
  • Department of social matters
  • Town police

At 5 Tyrsova street we can find:

  • Department of transportation
  • Department of inside matters and public trading council - (Counter of public trading council)

At 24 Alejni Street, Châteaux Kravare we can find:

  • Department of culture

At 10 Bezrucova Street, Kravare Library we can find:

  • Department of culture (and town library)

Town municipal council

The municipal council is the highest authority of local town government. It plans and controls the programme of the towns development, town budget and budgetary planning. It produces binding ordinances with separated scopes and is allowed to grant ‘freedom of the city’ and prices of Kravare town. The town municipal council has 21 members.

Town council

The town council is an efficient authority of Kravare town whose activities are overseen by the town municipal council. It has a seven members consisting of the mayor, deputy mayor and 5 other members of a town council.



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