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The original chateaux building from 17th Century was replaced by the refined four-wing baroque chateaux in 1721-1728, built by Jan Rudolf of Eichendorff. The oval tube of Saint Archangel Michael’s chapel runs through the south wing of châteaux with a beautiful alter and valuable fresco above it. This beautiful piece was painted by F. I. Eckstien. The châteaux is contains an exposition informing visitors about the aristocratic life style of the Eichendorffs in 18th Century and the lives of Kravare’s inhabitants in 19th Century.

When the Kravare baroque châteaux was renovated by the then owner Jan Rudolf of Eichendorff in 1721-28 a 19 acre park was constructed which can still be enjoyed today. Part of the park is maintained as a golf course, with the remainder kept as a wild park containing some rare examples of evergreen tree species. It’s picturesque views are strengthened by an artificially constructed water area and hundreds of old hardwood solitaires.

A Convent of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - the Town Council today

The Convent of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was constructed in 1903-1905. It is a three-floor, three winged building constructed of brick and built in a modern gothic style with a corner tower.

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